All games are played on the main grass pitch at Home Farm FC, 97a Swords Rd.,Whitehall, Dublin 9
Players must arrive at dressing rooms 50 mins sharp before their kick off time  so that we have enough time to change, warm up on the astro behind the main pitch etc. and make out way onto the main grass pitch before kick off.
2011/12- ( 5 a  side., 4 x 15 mins),  2010( 7 a side, 3 x 20  mins )-games running side by side with  at 1pm kick off
2011/12 booking link
2010 booking link
 2009 (7 a side, 2 x 30 mins ), 2008-07 combined squad  (9 a side -2 x 30 mins) – games running side by side with  2.30  pm kick off.
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2008-07 combined squad  booking link