Soccer Steps can provide you with training and workshops to enhance your team and coaching by using Performance Analysis. Read on to learn about the tools we recommend and get in touch with us for more information and prices.


Performance analysis is an effective process for helping you to understand your own team’s performance, prepare for upcoming opponents and enhance your coaching feedback and delivery.

It is widely used across the top levels of sport and thanks to more affordable tools becoming available, you can effectively replicate elite level processes.

The Nacsport and KlipDraw software are used across 60 countries and in more than 35 different sports. The features and range of versions available mean they are used by international teams and professional teams like Liverpool FC, but also by local grass-roots teams, schools, colleges and universities.


Advanced analysis with animated tools

Enhance your videos and bring your coaching points to life with visual telestrations thanks to KlipDraw Animate. Use a variety of tools  like spotlights, zooms, player mover, arrows and pitch area markers to show your team exactly what you want them to see and learn.


Build teamwork with videos

Online and interactive platform to exchange videos with your community. With Sharimg, get your message across to the members of your team in an easy and simple way with videos. Allow your members to interact with your content and share opinions or comments.


Online Performance Analysis Course

To help teach you about performance analysis, how to develop and apply an effective process, along with learning how to use Nacsport effectively, we recommend signing up for access to the lifetime online course created by AnalysisPro and Lear Training.

Sign up to the course from this link.


AP Capture Sports Mast

AP Capture solutions have been developed with performance analysis in mind, to provide professional IP Camera filming for sport using the portable telescopic sports mast or fixed IP Camera installations.  One person can use AP Capture to easily create high-quality footage and also live stream directly to YouTube or Facebook.

The AP Capture cameras, tripods and software provide smooth movement patterns with joystick control and are trusted by national governing bodies and professional teams like the English FA, FA Wales and Liverpool FC, along with schools, colleges and universities. These solutions are not like typical CCTV installations or masts with standard cameras, they use full IP Protocols with 4K PTZ IP Cameras.

Contact AnalysisPro for more information about their AP Capture solutions.